Etiquette shmetiquette

We recently took a poll on Facebook asking our friends what comes to mind when they hear the word etiquette.

For some, it conjured images of the grand dame of the genre Emily Post and for others, visions of charm school and being chastised for elbows on the table.

At it’s root and using Ms. Post’s philosophy, good manners is not about which fork you use, as much as it’s about being able to glide into any social situation and feel at ease. Also, it’s about making those around you comfortable. Etiquette is about ethics, honor and kindness, not rules and snobbery.

Here in these pages, we hope to explore the many ways etiquette can simplify our lives, help us get along and lift us to a higher standard of treating our loved ones and neighbors with kindness.

Those are things that never go out of style.


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