Common courtesy makes you uncommon

Hello, readers. Today, let’s discuss common courtesy. It’s the little things that matter, such as listening, saying please and thank you and as we’ve said 8,352 times, essentially, just being kind. This is particularly important in business.

Yesterday, we read this blog post on Peter Shankman’s blog (he’s the social media entrepreneur/author/all around adventurous guy). The post is called, “Five things people don’t do — that you should,” and we agree 100 percent with everything on this list, not only for business, but for all areas of life.

Tips such as “pay attention,” and “know when to shut up” can go a long way and, as Shankman mentions, help you stand out from the crowd both professionally and personally, because frankly, most people don’t do either one.

If we only did those two things, imagine how much more people would want to be around us and work with us. Read the entire list, it’s good stuff.



Listen up

The Mister and I agree on a lot of things, especially that it is neither charming nor kind to talk over someone when they are trying to speak. Essentially, that means you aren’t listening to the other person, which makes them feel unimportant.

Listening is a skill, perhaps even an art form. So like many things, it takes practice, practice and more practice. The beauty of perfecting the art of listening, is that you get to have scores of fun, exciting, meaningful conversations with acquaintances, friends and loved ones.

The next time you are on the phone or face-to-face with someone, just listen. If your mind wanders to what you might want to say next, stop yourself and redirect your attention to the words coming out of the other person’s mouth. Focus — we know you can do it. When your companion finishes speaking, pause, then respond. Rinse and repeat.

Imagine what it feels like to have someone hang on your every word. Wouldn’t it make you feel good? Wouldn’t you feel as if what you were saying mattered to the person to whom you were speaking? Wouldn’t you feel as if you mattered to that person? That would be a nice feeling.

Re-find your inner listener. We know he or she is in there, you just have to hush. Shhhh.