Let’s table this discussion: Plates

When it comes to dining out, the Re-find gang is always up for a good meal in a favorite restaurant or a new kid on the block. One might say dining out is a hobby of sorts. So, naturally learning the appropriate and efficient way to communicate with our service staff is a matter of survival. Today, we’ll focus on plates.

If you’d like to signal to your server that you are finished eating:

Do place your knife and fork together at the 5 or 6 o-clock position on your plate.

Don’t push your plate to the side or the middle of the table or stack with your companion’s dinnerware.

Do place your napkin to the side of your plate (no need to fold it).

Don’t throw your napkin in the middle of the plate.

In most restaurant settings, casual or upscale, the staff will know through these subtle indicators that you are done noshing and will swoop in to clear off the table, which is a timesaver for you and your busy server.