We’ve come a long way Baby!: Smoking part II

It comes as no surprise that smoking etiquette is a hot-button issue. During a recent conversation with smoking and non-smoking Re-finders, we discussed gender-specific smoking manners. One smoker mentioned that her biggest smoking pet peeve is when women walk on the street while puffing away on a cigarette or engage in activities with one hanging out of her mouth.

We agree, this is not a pretty picture.

In addition to being unattractive, it’s also a good way to burn yourself or an innocent bystander. So quite frankly, men should avoid this behavior too. But let’s face it, for some reason, a man doesn’t look quite as bad with a cig hanging out of his mouth as a woman.

Ladies, we’re sure you are thinking there is a double standard at work here, but we prefer to look at it as more of a higher standard. Perhaps if we do little things in public, such as foregoing belching contests and saving the Marlboro Man look for the privacy of our own patios, as icing on the cake, our male counterparts may treat us the way we deserve to be treated — with respect.