Hemline v. Handbag

On Saturday, M, the Mister and friends enjoyed a lovely day at the races, in honor of the Kentucky Derby. Sam Houston Race Park was bustling with people from everywhere, wearing everything. It was truly an anything goes type of day, as it should be.

Our merry band opted to don full Derby regalia. Hats and dresses for the ladies, seersucker for the gentleman. We smiled and nodded to our comrades in chapeau and appreciated the creative, the classy and the humorous throughout the day. One gal however, bless her heart, was a little too stingy with her hemline.

As she strode in front of the rail, we saw a tiny girl, with a giant bag and lots and lots of leg. Lest you think the Re-find gang is prudish, we should mention that we are in favor of a lady highlighting her best features. That said, one must use a bit of restraint where the showing of skin is concerned. While a little leg is lovely, to avoid seeming to be sans slacks or skirt — gasp! — one should consider either a bag that doesn’t cover the hemline or a hemline that falls below the bag.

Words to live by.



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