Thank you for smoking downwind

When it comes to vices, smoking is becoming less and less fashionable, but most of us have a friend, relative or spouse who is a committed or occasional smoker of cigarettes, pipes or cigars. There was a time when it seemed everyone was puffing away and lighting up was even considered a sign of sophistication. Those days have of course passed and while we’d rather our loved ones give up their cigs for health reasons, that likely isn’t going to happen and frankly, it’s their choice whether or not to smoke. So if we can’t beat ’em, at least we can ask that our smokers follow a few simple guidelines.

First, do be sure to ask before lighting up in someone else’s home or simply excuse yourself and go outside. If your hostess doesn’t mind your smoke, she’ll tell you to stay put and hand you an ashtray. In dining situations, always wait until everyone is finished before flicking your Bic or again, excuse yourself. When smoking outdoors, be sure to position yourself downwind from the non-smokers. Finally, be conscientious with your ashes by flicking them in a receptacle or in your hand, not on the floor, patio or potted plants.

We all have our habits, good and bad, but by being sensitive to those around us who may not appreciate all of our guilty pleasures or who are against those vices we can’t or don’t want to give up, we can at least find a little harmony.



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