Watch your (expletive) language: Part II

Recently, radio talk show hostess Dr. Laura said something that got her into a lot of hot water. Whether or not you like Dr. Laura, her show, her politics or anything else about her, this situation has again brought to the forefront the weight and power of our words.

The circa 1930s British politician Pearl Strachan Hurd is quoted as saying, “Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” 

As a rule of thumb, there are certain derogatory words and phrases we should never, ever say, no matter our intentions. These words are shocking and hurtful. These words carry with them the horrific history and pain felt by generations. These words are inappropriate and no good can come of their use. These words should be striken from your vocabulary.  Like this:

Image courtesy WriteForBlogs

A filthy, insensitive mouth isn’t classy. Re-find your grace, elegance and eloquence. And a thesaurus.



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