House-train your children

Since it’s Friday, the weather is gorgeous and we are struggling to concentrate on anything whatsoever, we decided to let David Brooks do all of the heavy lifting and wordsmithing today.

In his most recent column in the New York Times, “The Facebook Searchers,” Brooks offers his point of view on the new Aaron Sorkin movie, “The Social Network.” Referring to the heroically intelligent character based on Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, Brooks writes:

What he is lacking is even more striking. The Zuckerberg character is without social and moral skills. It’s not that he’s a bad person. He’s just never been house-trained. He’s been raised in a culture reticent to talk about social and moral conduct. The character becomes a global business star without getting a first-grade education in interaction.

See dear readers, this is what we’ve been telling everyone who will listen: please house-train your children!

In some cases, also please house-train yourself and your better half if it didn’t happen growing up. It’s never too late to grow social graces and good manners and it will make life easier for everyone involved, whether it be in business or in social realms.

Have a happy weekend and cheers!



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