Simple pleasures: Tele-date

Happy Thursday everyone. Today, we’re thinking about friends and family in far away places and how we might resolve to connect more with them in 2011. One idea we borrowed from a friend in Cincinnati is the tele-date (or tele-happy hour, as it were).

The tele-date is when you set a date and time to chat on the phone, but instead of just chatting, you plan to enjoy a beer, glass (or two) of wine or your favorite cocktail or a cup of coffee or some other beverage during the call.

Exhibit A:

Tele-happy hour wine

Exhibit B:


For some reason, the miles just melt away when you treat it more like a happy hour or a coffee date. It’s truly a simple pleasure.

How do you stay connected with loved ones? Do you have a favorite simple pleasure you’d like to share?



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