Cleaning the machine

Happy Monday dear readers. We hope those of you in cold climes are staying warm and that those of you in warmer climes are feeling appropriate sorry for the rest of us. We say us, because alas, even our part of Texas is rather chilly this week.

Today, we thought we might toss out a quick tip regarding gym etiquette, as the snow, sleet, rain and cold temps drive more of us in-of-doors for our daily exercise. We’ve noticed that gentleman in particular have a nasty little habit of forgetting (we’ll allow that it’s not on purpose) to wipe down the gym equipment after use. Tsk tsk.

It only takes a minute and you could prevent a cold or worse (we’ll stop at that), so please, just clean the machine. That said, it never hurts to give it a good swipe prior to your workout … just in case.

We couldn’t resist offering up this little bit of inspiration for your perspiration. You are welcome:



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