Crawfish boil etiquette: Do you suck the head?

Happy Monday, readers! Or at least we hope it’s a happy one. Today, we are visiting the crazy world of crawfish boils, because it’s crawfish season. Check out these hot, spicy “mudbugs”:

Crawfish boil

Admittedly, not everyone likes crawfish or can even fathom trying it. But if you are game, here are a couple of rules of the road:


Use your hands, dig in and get dirty

Twist off the tail, pull the meat out of the shell and dip it in some melted butter

“Suck the head,” if that’s your thing. Exhibit A:

Sucking the head is not for the weak. No beard required.

Enjoy a cold beer. We recommend the Louisiana brand, Abita. Exhibit B (for beer):

Cold Abita Amber


Spatter your neighbors with juice

Cherry pick for only the biggest “bugs” (guilty)

Waste the crawfish (for example, tossing it if you don’t get a good crack)

Act prissy, after all you are supposed to use your hands and get dirty. UPDATE: Exhibit C (Your hostess Melanie demonstrating how not to twist off the tail):

Don't act prissy. Photo courtesy Paige Tomas.

Remember, a crawfish boil is a communal affair, so bring a friend, belly up and get ya some bugs!

Do you have any crawfish do’s or don’ts to share? Share in comments.


7 thoughts on “Crawfish boil etiquette: Do you suck the head?

  1. Paige T says:

    I feel it’s only fair that you perhaps post a pic of “someone” acting disgusted by the bug. I may have a pic of said “someone”.

    • Melanie Spencer says:

      Great idea. We have it and will post. We feel it’s important to emphasize that said party was indeed acting. Cheers!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Luckily I read this before a crawfish boil I will be in attendance for this weekend! Even though I am basically a pro… I never splash my neighbors.


    • Melanie Spencer says:

      Glad we could help! Have fun this weekend. Report back if you spy anything interesting that we didn’t cover in this post! Cheers!

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