Planting the Seeds: Body Scan Meditation 



The first time I meditated, I was in seventh grade. My mom taught me a body scan meditation, because I was having trouble getting to sleep and she thought it would help me relax. She learned it at a one-off meditation class. While Mom never became a meditator, she did often employ this technique as a way to fall asleep. Little did she know she was planting the seed for what is now going on a 20-something year pursuit for me, culminating in meditation teacher training and a passion for meditation. Thanks, Mom!

The body scan meditation is perfect for beginners and longtime practitioners. It is simple and feels like reclining on the beach listening to gentle waves rolling and lapping at the shore. Aaaahhhh.

Whether you opt for three, five, 10 or 40 minutes, you are sure to see the benefits. It’s also a great way to begin a meditation session, as it get’s you mentally and physically prepared.

Click here for three free body scan meditations by Elisha Goldstein published on the Mindful.Org site.

Connecting with your body in this way is not only relaxing, but helps identify areas that might need a little TLC, such as gentle stretching or even a doctor’s visit. At the very least, you’ll come away feeling relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy this little mini-vacation.

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