Lunch and munch

Today, like most days, we brought our lunch to the office. Brown-bagging it is easier on our wallets and our waistlines, so we are all for it. Plus, it gives us an excuse to purchase loads of cute lunch bags. Exhibit A: 

Image courtesy Built NY


These are by Built and can be purchased here and at loads of retail department stores. Also, Muffy Martini featured the cutest monogrammed lunch bag on her blog yesterday. We are dying for it!  

We suggest you also pack a real cloth napkin and keep a place setting and a set of flatware in your desk, so that even if you have to eat lunch at your desk (sigh), you can at least do it in style. 

Finally, if you share an office, be considerate to your office-mates by either keeping stinky foods to a minimum, taking them to the break room or asking those in the room if they mind your twice a week date with Starkist. 

Most importantly, be sure to clean up before and after yourself, so that if you eat at your desk or a shared desk, you aren’t spreading bacteria and germs. Also, dispose of that tuna can or other “fragrant” trash in a can in the break room or otherwise away from the office area to avoid smelly garbage. 

Bon appetit! 


Buttered up: Dinner roll dos and don’ts

Whether you are dining with the in-laws, al fresco, at the tea room or the in the board room, there is one way to butter your bread.


Place a pat of butter on the side of your bread plate or dinner plate

Tear off a small bite of bread

Butter the bite with your butter knife

Take a bite and enjoy


Butter the entire roll or piece of bread and chow down

Keep dipping your butter knife in the community dish over and over

Sop up the butter with your bread (unless you are at home alone, we wouldn’t deny you this guilty pleasure)

Keep these tips in mind and breakfast, lunch and dinner will go down like buttah.