Buttered up: Dinner roll dos and don’ts

Whether you are dining with the in-laws, al fresco, at the tea room or the in the board room, there is one way to butter your bread.


Place a pat of butter on the side of your bread plate or dinner plate

Tear off a small bite of bread

Butter the bite with your butter knife

Take a bite and enjoy


Butter the entire roll or piece of bread and chow down

Keep dipping your butter knife in the community dish over and over

Sop up the butter with your bread (unless you are at home alone, we wouldn’t deny you this guilty pleasure)

Keep these tips in mind and breakfast, lunch and dinner will go down like buttah.



4 thoughts on “Buttered up: Dinner roll dos and don’ts

  1. Dianna Chandler says:

    Do you suggest cutting or tearing a hunk-o-bread off when it’s one loaf for the table to share? (ie Outback Steakhouse, Bravo’s sourdough…)

    Also, I get very disgusted when people pick up the entire loaf and try to be the “designated bread distributor”.

    • charmfinder says:

      Hello Mrs. Chandler. When sharing a loaf at a restaurant, such as Outback, I recommend using that handly bread knive offered by the server. One can easily hold the bread with a napkin with one hand and slice with the knife in the other hand. If you don’t want to take any chances, jump in first with your napkin-covered hand and head any bare hands off at the pass. Thanks for your question and for being such a faithful Re-finder! Kisses!



  2. Janelle says:

    I made a very embarrassing roll mistake at Tony’s the server assistant came to the table with a silver bowl filled with rolls and various breads. He held the bowl in front of me for me to chose, well I did not see the tongs in his hand under the bowl and I reached in and grabbed a roll with my bare hand! Then when he went to the next person he again showed the bread offerings and the person pointed to what they wanted and he pulled out the tongs and placed their selection on their bread plate. I was mortified!!!!

    • charmfinder says:

      Ha! Well, we all make mistakes. Frankly, the server should have held the tongs out, to be seen by all of the diners. Etiquette is a two-way street my friend.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. I’m sure we’ve all learned from your comment to look for the tongs!



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