We see London, we see France … gasp!: Part II

Let us start this post by saying we are not prudes. We think that if a lady has lovely legs, she should be all means play up that asset. However, we do not think she should play them up so much that we see her, well — um — assets. Know what we mean?

Recently, we were in Austin and met a few friends downtown on the famed Sixth Street. Normally, we are not into Sixth Street shenanigans, but we felt game this particular evening and so, we joined the party.

As the evening wore on, we noticed more and more young ladies flowing into the establishment and it seemed as each one arrived, we saw more and more leg and more and more breast and … well yes, it began to resemble KFC up in that club.  

Most — and we feel confident saying most, because trust us, we were in the covered minority — of the “dresses” were so short in fact, we were afraid that after one or two of the questionable “dance moves” of the women, we might see something no one expects to see outside of certain gentleman’s clubs.

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t know any other way to say it, please for the love of sweet Pete, cover your chocha! We assure you, the quality of humans you attract might be of a higher caliber if the junk in your trunk is appropriately clothed and you won’t have to worry about Dad having a heart attack because he just saw said junk in a “Girls Gone Wild” DVD commercial.

Cheers and happy Monday!



It is unfortunate that people seem to think it is unnecessary to RSVP when sent a formal invitation to an event.

We’ve decided that rather than being rude, perhaps people have forgotten the meaning of the acronym RSVP. Because certainly if the host and hostess cared enough about the event and you to send an engraved invitation, you would inform him or her of acceptance or regrets if you knew they needed it. Right?

So, just in case that is the case you aren’t sure of the meaning, RSVP stands for the French, “Respondez s’il vous plait?” with the English translation being “Can you please respond?”

We are confident that now that everyone knows the meaning, they will never again fail to respond, sil vous plait. After all, how else will the host or hostess know how many cases of Champagne to purchase for the soiree?