It is unfortunate that people seem to think it is unnecessary to RSVP when sent a formal invitation to an event.

We’ve decided that rather than being rude, perhaps people have forgotten the meaning of the acronym RSVP. Because certainly if the host and hostess cared enough about the event and you to send an engraved invitation, you would inform him or her of acceptance or regrets if you knew they needed it. Right?

So, just in case that is the case you aren’t sure of the meaning, RSVP stands for the French, “Respondez s’il vous plait?” with the English translation being “Can you please respond?”

We are confident that now that everyone knows the meaning, they will never again fail to respond, sil vous plait. After all, how else will the host or hostess know how many cases of Champagne to purchase for the soiree?


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