Wedding Wednesday: Save the date

No matter how casual the wedding, there are still certain rules that apply. Formality usually takes precedent over informality, except when it comes to your “Save the date” announcement. This is one area where you can either mail a card, send an e-mail or make phone calls.

If you decide to send a card or e-mail, keep it simple. Here is a wording example from the Knot:

We’re taking the plunge!
Hope you’ll be there to celebrate our flight.
Jack & Jill
say “I Do”
July 5, 2005
Nantucket Island
Formal invitation to follow

If space isn’t a concern, such as in an e-mail, feel free to include a few additional details, but try to keep it brief.

Follow these simple rules and there will be at least one element of your wedding that is easy and breezy.