Please and thank you

“Whether one believes in a religion or not and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion. “ Dalai Lama

When you ask for something say “please.” If you get it or if someone does something nice for you, say “thank you.”

It really is that simple.



Thank you. You’re welcome.

At Re-find, we like to keep things simple, so when someone says “thank you,” we respond with “you’re welcome.” We once had the very bad habit of responding “no problem” or “my pleasure” or “sure thing,” but we’ve worked diligently to break ourselves of it.

In fact, we’ve made it a bit of a game with our friends who know the rule of thumb or those who, like us, are trying to re-find our charm in this area.

While it’s fine to add any of those to “you’re welcome” it’s just good manners to say or write that simple response, because the others alone can come off as dismissive. If you’ve done something nice enough to be thanked, clearly you care enough to properly acknowledge the gratitude.



Re-find be kind Friday

Recently, one of our many friends in the restaurant business was recounting the tale of a particularly harrowing night at work. It was a busy weeknight  and in addition to serving a full house, the staff was working on an inventory project. Ultimately, there were several customer complaints that night.

Our friend tells Re-find that to make up for the slow service, he gave away more than a few thousand dollars worth of food. Despite this good faith effort to apologize, many customers were quite rude during and after their meals. Needless to say, the exasperated restaurateur’s faith in his fellow customers was shaken, because it seemed no matter what he did to make it right, many customers’ feathers couldn’t be un-ruffled.

But, he and his staff shook it off knowing that this was just a bad night and that tomorrow would be a better day. They soon received a thank you card from a patron that had gotten caught up in the “bad” night. She thanked them for doing everything possible to save her experience. It was a much-needed salve to help soothe their wounds.

We are passing this story along as we enter the weekend, because many of us will visit our favorite eatery or watering hole over the next couple of days. The service might be impeccable or it might be despicable, but either way, we should try to remember that a) our friends in the service industry have a tough job and b) sometimes even the best establishments have an off night and c) a little kindness goes a long way.

Have a great weekend; don’t forget to tip your server; cheers and bon appetit!