Welcoming the (child) strangers

A friend today posed the question:

“Is it appropriate? You are having a party in your backyard. You have a bounce house and kid food for the children. Kids who are strangers, let themselves in, join in the play, ask for food, drink, the restroom. You do not know these children, they do not live in your neighborhood, and you did not prepare enough kid food for several extra children.”

We chimed in that in terms of etiquette, no it was not appropriate for the children to crash the party, but what small child wouldn’t follow the siren call of a bounce house and kid bites? Can you imagine the looks on their faces had they been turned away? We say, let the little beasts into the party and if they get out of hand, politely show them the gate.

Another person mentioned the potential liablity if one of the children got hurt. Unless the parents of the invited children signed a liablity waiver, the potential for being sued is present whether or not guests are invited, so again, we say the more the merrier.

In a perfect world, the children would have been taught by their parents that it’s a no-no to show up uninvited to a party, but alas we do not live in a perfect world. Look on the bright side, the children — invited and uninvited — will learn abut the kindness of strangers, sharing and giving. And who knows, maybe your little darlings will make a lifelong friend out of one of the pintsized party crashers.

What do you think? Share your thoughts, concernsĀ or similar experiences.


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