You’ve got mail — or not

In our ongoing conversation regarding e-mail and social media etiquette, we’ve come across a certain glaring breach — lack of response.

This applies to a specific sort of correspondence between two well-acquainted parties. When you e-mail a friend, colleague, former co-worker or some other type of social or professional contact to ask them about leads, their thoughts on a project or to solicit advice or contacts, you should thank them for or at the very least acknowledge receipt of their reply.

We at Re-find love to help others and share information and resources, but we are consistently disappointed when we send a thoughtful response to a question or offer advice when asked, but then never hear back from the person.

A simple thank you is always appropriate, either via e-mail or better yet with a handwritten note, but that plus a follow-up detailing the outcome is always nice too.

As usual, just proceed with kindness. It’s that easy.



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