Question: If I buy a drink for a friend, is he obligated to leave the tip?


Today’s question surrounds cocktail etiquitte. The asker wants to know if when buying drinks for a friend, if the friend is obligated to offer up the tip. Also, if said friend doesn’t, does the buyer have the right to be annoyed?

We advise that while it would be a lovely gesture for the friend to offer the tip, he isn’t obligated to do it. If he doesn’t, it’s of course a free country, but it was a gift to buy the drink, so you are obligated to absorb the cost of the tip and keep your annoyance to yourself. After all, you knew that was part of it when you bought the round. No matter what though, a hearty thank you is required and cheers to the buyer’s health.

This conversation does have us thinking that from now on, we’ll at least offer up tip money when given the gift of a delicious adult beverage.

What do you think? To offer tip or not to offer tip?


2 thoughts on “Question: If I buy a drink for a friend, is he obligated to leave the tip?

  1. foodsexfashion says:

    Noooooo! Bartender here. If you offer to buy the drink the tip should be included in the gesture. Even if it’s a bottle of Krug. If it’s your treat, then its your treat all the way!

    • Melanie Spencer says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting FoodSexFashion. It’s great to have an opinion from the other side of the bar. We appreciate your hard work and are happy people are arguing over who gets to tip you! Cheers!

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